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Pride not arrogance

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she mentioned an experience she recently had at an event amongst her collegial peers.  The jest of the conversation was about the arrogance she encountered.  Now I know we have all been in a similar situation when you think to your self are these people serious?  I tend to tune arrogance out but I have a hard time dealing with competitiveness.  By nature I am not a competitive person, usually when it comes to sports I could care less, and academics seemed like a solo mission therefore why do I need to compete.  That was until my senior year in undergraduate school.  I had an interview at a graduate school in Chicago(my city of dreams).  Of course it was a group interview and of course I was a minority in many different ways, but none the less I felt prepared for the interview.  What I should have really prepared myself for were the other interviewees, boy oh boy were they intense.  Cutting one another off, devaluing comments, ignoring people it was a total shock to my senses and to be honest it threw me off my center.  I literally had to find a quiet space before my one on one interview to give myself a reassuring talk.

Since Chicago I had  plenty of subsequent interviews and I’ve learned to assess my counterparts before and during the interview to determine my strategy.  Lets be honest my objective is to stand out, but I never want to stand out in a way that damages my own character.  Which brings me back to my friend’s experience… Often times arrogance is a response to low self-esteem, feelings of not belonging, or unfortunately an over inflated ego.  Whatever the reason as a person who has suffered all of the above during this life I sympathize but I can not condone using arrogance to help you cope with life’s situations.

Today as I venture out into many unknowns, first time experiences and scary beginnings I encourage myself and anyone reading this blog to develop a rich integrity that will allow your pride to show but never arrogance.  Life is full of lessons you won’t always know the answers to(that’s the beauty of God) but if you have a humble spirit and an inquisitive mind you will be guided by others who are drawn to your character and spirit!  I hope you attract positive people!!!!!!!

What words of encouragement can you give others who are making new beginnings and may might be hindered by competitive and arrogant people.

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