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Time Management 101

I am a teacher by trade therefore I am trained to be an excellent timekeeper.  There’s nothing worse than a late teacher who instills these same qualities in her/his students, right? I’m one of those people  who enjoy being on time, I become extremely frustrated when friends keep me waiting, and overall I respect and honor a well-organized schedule.  This quality of mine is a great asset for living in the hustle and bustle of a large city, but something happened…. I moved to rural part of Ghana where all I had was time!!!!

Yes I still had to function within specific time frames while living in Africa but time seemed to move differently, and the emphasis placed on time was different.  A Trinidadian friend once said to me ” When I step off the plane in Trinidad there is plenty of family waiting for me but when I step off the plane in NY nobody has time to pick me up!”  Adjusting to a new culture means viewing time through a new lens.  Living in Ghana time management was non stressful and I LEARNED to appreciate having more time and the lack of emphasis placed on time.  But on the other end of the spectrum I was reintroduced to paying attention to time.  I had a farm in Africa.  Honestly I did!!! I planted okra, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and corn.  The most important thing in farming is watering your seeds.  If you wait to long to water your seeds won’t germinate if you water to frequently you will wash the seeds away.  Timing was essential to cultivating a bountiful harvest.  Stay tuned for pictures and video of whether I succeeded or failed!!!!

I vowed to myself upon returning home that I would slow down my life and make more time for simple things such as a frugal kitchen spa routine(post coming soon), morning yoga, and home cooked meals(most mornings and nights I cook).  Has it happened? That’s a negative, Sir!!!!

Why is it that life in urban America is so fast paced and chaotic? What do I need to do to slow it down? To be honest I don’t know the answer but I’m willing to try new things to find my balance. Back to the basics baby!!!!

Game Plan

  • To do list work wonders in my life but instead of having a 5 page list I will stick to 1/2 a page.
  • The train ride to work/school will be my time to read a book for pleasure (meaning no journals for class) or just listen to music.
  • If it’s a gym membership that’s going to make me happy and allow me to get the physical activity I need ,well darn it I’m getting my membership.
  • Worry, stress, and anxiety and no longer in my vocabulary.  Combat training begins today with a dose of laughter, inspiration, and focus!!!!!!

Yes being a graduate student who also works sometimes kicks my butt.  But guess what I am happy with my new changes and no one can steal my joy!!! But what you can do is find strategies that work for you and leave a suggestion in the comment box below! Happy Wednesday people!!!!!!!!

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