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So yes I was gone for awhile…

Just Me

Let me start with the truth… being a Mama is hard work and although I desperately yearned to blog my day to day happenings and wonderful discoveries realty hit like a bag of bricks.
As I stated in my last video my son, Jeremiah, has sickle cell disease and unfortunately was admitted a number of times in his short little life! Which shifted my priorities to recording life and living life!
But guess who has a birthday coming up in less than two months!!! So please be expecting to see party themes and other tidbits of the sort on the page.

Also big surprise!!!!!!!! I started my own home daycare!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I know I know I never really talked about this before but honestly I saw no other recourse. I wanted to be the person spending the majority of my time with Jeremiah as well as safeguarding him against some ickie things that could cause sickle cell crisis and infection. We are currently still growing and I love the fact that this little boy amazes me with something new everyday!!! The daycare is specifically for children living with sickle cell the first in our area and maybe the nation!!! I am so happy to be offering a service that is nonexistent within the community!!! Well that’s enough for now but to follow many day to day happening at the daycare check out our Facebook page Mighty Warriors Childcare also check out the website and tell me what you think

Taking a quick pic before a 5k

Taking a quick pic before a 5k

Yes I cut all my hair off and I love it!

Yes I cut all my hair off and I love it!

Look at my baby!!! 22 months old!

Look at my baby!!! 22 months old!

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