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Growling at dogs comes natural

One semi warm day Jeremiah and I were leisurely strolling the streets of NYC.  I ,of course, labored through the streets pushing a ex-large stroller while my plump little darling looked on.  All of a sudden a rather large dog approached Jeremiah in a very menacing way (let me also share I was attacked by a dog in my youth and have since had a very rocky relationship with all dogs).

Now back to the story..  the dog inches his way closer to Jeremiah and begins growling at him.  Of course Jeremiah, in his innocence, smiles and stretches out his hand.  I immediately swivel the stroller so that I positioned between Jeremiah and the dog and proceed to growl at the “friendly” four-legged animal.  When I say growl I mean GROWL!!! Now this scene might sound amusing or somewhat unbelievable to you but in actuality it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.  Once my heart slowed down and my righteous anger dissipated to a slightly annoyance I was quite proud of myself!

You see when you constantly tell yourself you are afraid of x,y,and z you don’t think your immediate reaction will be strong and fierce.  I learned on that day and many occasions after when something or someone is an immediate threat to my child I WILL immediately act. I become a fierce lioness that will stop at nothing to protect her cub.  In this moment I realized that God has given me an innate ability to protect my child at any and all cost! Fear can no longer reside in me, anxiousness, doubt and worry also have no place.  In the 23 months of Jeremiah’s life I have made many decisions that affect his immediate and distant future.  Having a child with a chronic illness is no easy task and often times you will doubt yourself and the decisions you make.  Please lay your doubt, fear, aside anxiousness God will equip you with the knowledge you need to endure.  You have to put in the work( researching, praying, studying, listening) but I promise you God will never forsake you.  This post is not just for mothers/fathers raising children with chronic illnesses this is for everyone who has struggled with fear and insecurities. Face them, acknowledge that the only power they hold is the power you feed it and move on! Even if you have to go through this process several times before shaking your fear there is no shame. JUST DO IT!!!!! I pray this was encouraging for someone!

I’ve begun a summer study of Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. You will see me quoting her quite a few times from here on out so be prepared! If you’re looking to hone your Lioness Skills check out the book!  As for Jeremiah and I we continue to roam the streets of NYC and I’m still growling at dogs 🙂

I am absolutely loving this book!


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