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Week 31… Help keep me motivated :)

Week 30!!!!! Almost time for a countdown:)

I was really fatigued when I made this video so sorry for the cut off head (lol). I can’t wait to meet my baby girl or boy:)

Rosewater + Epsom Salt = Heaven

Okay so I stand on my feet many hours a day and I’ve found the recipe for achy breaky feet.  (Shout out to Ruthie and Ebony!!!!!)

Rosewater Foot Spa 

1 cup of Epsom Salt

2 table spoons of Rosewater

A few drops of lavender

Once your feet are fully refreshed moisture with pure shea butter or coconut oil.  Enjoy 🙂

Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 24-26

23 weeks of a wonderful and blissful pregnancy

Yeah BABY!!! Week 22 vlog

Week 21 :)

What’s a CSA????

Week one and look at all the yummy produce I brought home. We had to give some of it away because it was to much to cook.

What’s a CSA????? The best way to support local farmers and buy fresh and organic produce at a reasonable price.  I absolutely adore the concept of sustainable farming and I love shopping at Farmers markets so Community Supported Agriculture was the answer for me.  Now is the time to look into local CSA’s in your neighborhood and sign up today.  Be sure to research and compare cost!!!! Good luck!

Information below was taken from

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture

CSA allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers.
When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables from a regional farmer. Weekly or bi-weekly, from June until October or November, your farmer will deliver that share of produce to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood.
CSA members pay for an entire season of produce upfront (typically $400-$600). This early bulk payment enables your farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seed, make equipment repairs, and more.
Shares usually include 7-10 types of vegetables, enough for a family of 2-3 people. Most CSAs also offer half shares for smaller households or busy New Yorkers who frequently eat out.
Many CSAs also offer the option of other produce from local farms. For a few extra dollars a week, in addition to your vegetables, you can add fruit, eggs, meat, and even flowers to your order.
Most CSAs have a variety of payment plans to enable members flexibility in paying for their shares. Some CSAs can arrange payments in installments, accept food stamps, offer sliding scale fees, and provide scholarship shares.
Neighborhood CSA groups are run by members. A rotating core group of volunteers take on much of the administrative management of the CSA. This can include signing up new members, collecting members payments, running the distribution site, and planning community-building or educational events. This frees up the farmers to focus on growing and delivering the vegetables.
Just Food trains urban community members to start and manage CSA projects in partnership with their farmers.
To see what a CSA in New York City might look like, see our Introduction to CSA video in our Resource Center.
A Note about Winter Shares
A CSA season typically runs from June through November. However, some farmers offer winter shares that come with a variety of root vegetables and greens. Contact your CSA directly to find out if your farmer offers winter shares.
Why Join A CSA?
Buy Local
Your support helps small local farms stay afloat.
Connect with the food you eat by meeting your farmers and exploring the farms.
Eat Well
Buy the freshest food for your family.
Explore new foods and learn to cook with them.
Find out that beet greens aren’t just good for you, they’re tasty too!
Be Healthy
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.
Share healthy eating habits with your kids. Expose them early to a variety of regional produce.
Protect the Environment
Support farmers who take care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil.
Cut down on the number of miles your food travels from the farm to your plate.

Halfway way through!!!!!!

What the world needs now….

Today I’m in a very lovey dovey mood. I believe the power of love and prayer can bring magic and inspiration into your life. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who’s mother is having heart surgery today. I didn’t know what to say expect keep up the prayers and trust in God. I felt that my words were words she was hearing often but I hoped they would offer her comfort. That night her and her family were constant thoughts in my head and I asked God to offer them solace and peace. Today God worked a miracle the doctors could not find the blockage that appeared on the scan. God is so good.
We all have many blessings in our lives make today a day of thanksgiving and sharing love to one another:)
Peace and Blessings Pounding heart beat

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