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Let the journey begin


Sun Stand Still Promises

This post will probably be my most vulnerable, audacious, out of character post to date…. As I am typing I can feel the fear attempting to creep into my mind. But over the course of the last year I’ve learned to activate my FAITH instead of my fear… So let me start with a prayer:


Lord, please help me. Let your words flow through me. Touch hearts and bless hearts through this message Lord.  Amen

As most of you know I began an early learning childcare center almost two years ago. Mighty Warriors Childcare has totally transformed my life and forced me to see God in such a different lenses. I’ve learned to obey God, trust his word, keep his promises tucked away in my heart, and never allow my feelings to dictate my life.

The biggest question I’ve asked myself during this period is: What am I called to do?

Lord you told me to start a daycare but where and when are the children coming?

Lord you want me to pour my knowledge and love but I don’t have a receptive staff…

Lord, you want me to be prosperous and multiply but I have no provision…

Lord, you want me to strengthen and revitalize but I need rest…

Lord, my faith lies in you but I’m still struggling! TRUST YOU????

Lord, I’ve given everything up and I still don’t hear you. What do you want me to do?


This is pretty much the timeline of my thoughts and fears throughout this past two years. Through the lack of children, the hospitalizations of my son, struggles with employees, landlord DRAMA, lack of business knowledge, overbearing daycare parents, lack of finances, medical diagnosis and extreme back pain, tears, depression, self-doubt, and pity. I’ve finally came to a place of total surrender and complete faith in my Father. Once I surrendered a shift occurred internally and externally.


When I felt doubt God gave me Gideon’s story.

When I felt self-pity God gave me Elijah’s story.

When I felt depressed God gave me Joseph’s story.

When my tears wouldn’t stop I remembered Job’s story.

When fear entered my heart I turned to David’s story.

When God asked me to help someone who was worst off than myself I remembered Ruth’s story.

When I needed love God reminded me that Jesus died for ME( there is no greater love than this).

Finally when I felt “what else can I do” I remembered Joshua’s sun stand still prayer.

God didn’t forsake or abandon me he gave me what I needed just when I needed it. I seriously think I can write a book based upon the last two years! Ha, I haven’t lost my humor either!

And to be quite honest I’m still living one of the toughest times yet. My landlord has given me my 3rd written 30 days notice(through no fault of my own). I have decided to no longer play the cat and mouse game of more rent every _ amount of months. Therefore, I have to move within the next 30 days, and guess what… God has yet to give me the provision needed nor direction, but Remember that decision I made to stand on God’s word and keep his promises guarded in my heart! That’s a life long stance through the thick and thin. I WILL continue to trust him and be obedient to his call.  It’s during the hard times God is doing his best work!

I’ve actually been praying for a property for almost a year now! 1501 Dean Street. A beautiful multi family unit that would be an amazing space to own and house the Mighty Warriors Ministry. There’s just one little detail I keep overlooking when telling people to pray for it… its 1.1 million dollars in one of the most up and coming areas of Brooklyn. But can someone touch and agree with me that nothing is impossible for God! Although many might consider me crazy for even thinking this property could be considered mine (very soon I pray) GOD IS ABLE.  I know God would never give me a promise he couldn’t keep!

This has officially become my longest post to date, lol. I pray it has been encouraging and sustaining for someone who is struggling with trusting God. I pray this post will transform minds and hearts. I pray whoever reads this takes a bold step and prays an impossible prayer that only God can answer.

I love you and cannot wait to come back and share the amazing things God is doing. Please message me or comment below your Sun Stand Still Prayers!




What the world needs now….

Today I’m in a very lovey dovey mood. I believe the power of love and prayer can bring magic and inspiration into your life. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who’s mother is having heart surgery today. I didn’t know what to say expect keep up the prayers and trust in God. I felt that my words were words she was hearing often but I hoped they would offer her comfort. That night her and her family were constant thoughts in my head and I asked God to offer them solace and peace. Today God worked a miracle the doctors could not find the blockage that appeared on the scan. God is so good.
We all have many blessings in our lives make today a day of thanksgiving and sharing love to one another:)
Peace and Blessings Pounding heart beat

Pride not arrogance

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she mentioned an experience she recently had at an event amongst her collegial peers.  The jest of the conversation was about the arrogance she encountered.  Now I know we have all been in a similar situation when you think to your self are these people serious?  I tend to tune arrogance out but I have a hard time dealing with competitiveness.  By nature I am not a competitive person, usually when it comes to sports I could care less, and academics seemed like a solo mission therefore why do I need to compete.  That was until my senior year in undergraduate school.  I had an interview at a graduate school in Chicago(my city of dreams).  Of course it was a group interview and of course I was a minority in many different ways, but none the less I felt prepared for the interview.  What I should have really prepared myself for were the other interviewees, boy oh boy were they intense.  Cutting one another off, devaluing comments, ignoring people it was a total shock to my senses and to be honest it threw me off my center.  I literally had to find a quiet space before my one on one interview to give myself a reassuring talk.

Since Chicago I had  plenty of subsequent interviews and I’ve learned to assess my counterparts before and during the interview to determine my strategy.  Lets be honest my objective is to stand out, but I never want to stand out in a way that damages my own character.  Which brings me back to my friend’s experience… Often times arrogance is a response to low self-esteem, feelings of not belonging, or unfortunately an over inflated ego.  Whatever the reason as a person who has suffered all of the above during this life I sympathize but I can not condone using arrogance to help you cope with life’s situations.

Today as I venture out into many unknowns, first time experiences and scary beginnings I encourage myself and anyone reading this blog to develop a rich integrity that will allow your pride to show but never arrogance.  Life is full of lessons you won’t always know the answers to(that’s the beauty of God) but if you have a humble spirit and an inquisitive mind you will be guided by others who are drawn to your character and spirit!  I hope you attract positive people!!!!!!!

What words of encouragement can you give others who are making new beginnings and may might be hindered by competitive and arrogant people.


Fun times on the lake

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to share:) What a blessing retreats are… God spoke to me in so many ways I am just awestruck by his mercy, power, and love! Not only do I feel revived but I feel encouraged to share me experience with anyone who reads this post!

The retreat took place at a place called Lake Champion which is owned by Young life! If you are ever on a planning committee and you are thinking of upstate New York for your event make sure you check out this space.  Absolutely wonderful staff, beautiful grounds, and fun activities.  Here are a few picks of the drive there.

Looking out of the window what did I discover? Just beautiful

Just beautiful

So the retreat was jammed packed with services, reflection time, small groups, and plenty of activities.  The first full day I woke up really early and decided to walk the premises then I did some yoga and an ab workout. I felt so motivated and calmed by the natural beauty and fresh air! Later that day I accomplished a ropes course from tree top to tree top ( ONLY BY GOD’S GRACE).  Overall this was honestly a wonderful experience and I meet some incredible people who will be featured on the blog in the near future.  My spirit has been revived and I have totally surrendered to God’s will!   Satan tried to attack me upon my return but he hasn’t blown my high, I have peace in my soul and I am standing on God’s word!  Now if I could just plan a yoga retreat or a  “Bush Detox”  to Jamaica I will be throughly pleased with myself:)

Have you been on a spiritual retreat lately? If so how have you maintained your positive outlook and reinforced new behaviors since your return?

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