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Let the journey begin


What the world needs now….

Today I’m in a very lovey dovey mood. I believe the power of love and prayer can bring magic and inspiration into your life. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who’s mother is having heart surgery today. I didn’t know what to say expect keep up the prayers and trust in God. I felt that my words were words she was hearing often but I hoped they would offer her comfort. That night her and her family were constant thoughts in my head and I asked God to offer them solace and peace. Today God worked a miracle the doctors could not find the blockage that appeared on the scan. God is so good.
We all have many blessings in our lives make today a day of thanksgiving and sharing love to one another:)
Peace and Blessings Pounding heart beat


Fun times on the lake

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to share:) What a blessing retreats are… God spoke to me in so many ways I am just awestruck by his mercy, power, and love! Not only do I feel revived but I feel encouraged to share me experience with anyone who reads this post!

The retreat took place at a place called Lake Champion which is owned by Young life! If you are ever on a planning committee and you are thinking of upstate New York for your event make sure you check out this space.  Absolutely wonderful staff, beautiful grounds, and fun activities.  Here are a few picks of the drive there.

Looking out of the window what did I discover? Just beautiful

Just beautiful

So the retreat was jammed packed with services, reflection time, small groups, and plenty of activities.  The first full day I woke up really early and decided to walk the premises then I did some yoga and an ab workout. I felt so motivated and calmed by the natural beauty and fresh air! Later that day I accomplished a ropes course from tree top to tree top ( ONLY BY GOD’S GRACE).  Overall this was honestly a wonderful experience and I meet some incredible people who will be featured on the blog in the near future.  My spirit has been revived and I have totally surrendered to God’s will!   Satan tried to attack me upon my return but he hasn’t blown my high, I have peace in my soul and I am standing on God’s word!  Now if I could just plan a yoga retreat or a  “Bush Detox”  to Jamaica I will be throughly pleased with myself:)

Have you been on a spiritual retreat lately? If so how have you maintained your positive outlook and reinforced new behaviors since your return?

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